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3 Reasons We Use TaxDome (how will TaxDome help you get my taxes done?)

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

You may be looking at your pile of receipts and tax documents wondering how they will ever be organized. We understand. Let us introduce you to TaxDome.

What is TaxDome?

TaxDome is a program we use at R & I Tax and Bookkeeping Service, INC. TaxDome allows us to keep your information and documents all in one secure place.

Reason 1

You can upload documents to TaxDome (and so can we). This means you don't have to mail or deliver documents in person. So it's safe & convenient.

Someone uploading their tax documents to TaxDome.

Reason 2

Your documents are kept on TaxDome which means if you need to look back at an old tax return, you can! It also means we have your back if documents get misplaced.

File your taxes with RITBSINC in Tacoma Washington. Your documents will be stored on TaxDome so you can view them whenever you need to.

Reason 3

You can sign documents via TaxDome, which means you don't have to come down to sign in person. So easy!

When you use TaxDome you can sign your tax return virtually rather than in person.

Get Acquainted

So how does this work?

At RITBSINC we pay for TaxDome (not you). Your profile is created by us using the email you provide. When you're all set up, you will receive an email from TaxDome (go ahead and follow whatever instructions they give you). Once your account is set up you'll be able to upload your tax documents.

If you have any trouble with getting into TaxDome or uploading documents please let us know!


We want to familiarize you with TaxDome so that you are comfortable using the program when tax season rolls around. If you are confident in using TaxDome then you will be able to provide us with crucial tax information and we can get your return filed quickly and accurately.


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