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Starting a New Business?

Things are so exciting right now. You have a new idea and it's ready to go out into the world as your very own business. However... 

All the business licensing and taxes have you worried.

Yes, it can be complex. But often licensing and taxes are much easier than we imagine them to be. 

If you have an expert to guide you and direct questions towards, it can all be a piece of cake. 

What to Expect

  • Instructed by Linda who has 25+ years of tax and accounting experience 

  • Each class is 5 people max, which means you'll have 1-1 time with Linda

  • 4 hours for each class

  • Course #1 will get you started, Course #2 will keep you going

Course #1- Formation

Course #1 we will discuss everything you need to do to stay in compliance legally. Everything from business licenses to taxes. Here is a list of things we will cover: 

  • Choosing a type of business

  • Are you an independent contractor and/or have you hired one? 

  • Banking

  • Accounting + accounting softwares

  • WA state business license

  • City business license

  • Secretary of State 

  • Department of Revenue

  • L&I 

  • Brief overview on taxes


Once you book this course with us we will send you an e-book covering these topics briefly. During the course Linda will walk you through each topic. We will also leave room for any questions you may have. 

Course #2 - Maintaining

So, you've set up your business. But maybe there are still things you're confused about. Or maybe things aren't taking off how you imagined they would. Here is a list of things we will cover in course #2: 

  • Are you in compliance?

  • Employees

  • Payroll

  • Employee payroll

  • Employee taxes

  • Self employment tax/ estimated taxes

  • Tax deductions

  • Accounting software

  • Outsourcing accounting, taxes and payroll (to a company like us or others)

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How to Choose

If you've looked around the website then you might've noticed that we also offer a service ($120 for an hour) to "pick Linda's brain". So what's the difference between this course and that advising session (besides price). 

The 1 hour advising session is good if you have a few important questions. If you need an expert's help rather than scouring Google, then this service is for you. 


But the formation course and the maintaining course are great for walking you through the process and are geared specifically towards helping you with a small business. You can walk in with no structure and walk out ready to do business. 

Save your Spot(s) 

Course one: $200

Course two: $200

Wrapped Gift

Save Money 

when your friends book appointments with us (they save too)

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