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Free Resources for You

If you are looking for some tax or accounting resources and answers, you've come to the right place. Before committing to working with us, please take advantage of everything we offer for free. We hope it helps you on your journey to financial peace of mind. 

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Prepare for Taxes

This packet is full of the things you may need to do your taxes. We send this to client when they do their taxes with us. But it's a standard form that we've redone to be pretty. It's at your disposal. 

Business Tax Deductions

Here is a list of expenses that may qualify as tax deductions for your business. 

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Starting a Business?

Take a look at this pdf. It was original created as a part of our business formation course. But we are offering it as a free resource. We hope it helps you as you plan your new business idea. 

Are you an Independent Contractor?  

Whether you are an independent contractor or you are hiring an independent contractor you may need this information before you get started. 

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Hiring Employees?

This pdf was created to help our payroll clients add employees to their payroll software. Inside you'll find a checklist of the things you need to onboard an employee and pay them. 

No Accounting Software?

If you have a new business then you may not having accounting software yet. That means that all you have is bank statements. In order to do your taxes, you are going to need to know your income and your expenses. Here is a spreadsheet to get you started.

(We can do this for you, but we charge a fee)

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Are we a good match?

Are you looking to do your accounting or payroll with us?


We made a little list of questions that we will need answered to determine if we are a good match. 

Have questions?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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