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There are so many ways to pay your tax liability (here's a list)

The federal government has made it very easy to pay your taxes. They offer many different ways to pay. Read below for the list.

Direct Pay

  • No account needed

  • No associated fees

  • Only available for individuals (not businesses)

Debit, credit or digital wallet

  • No account needed

  • Yes, there will be processing fees

  • Yes, individuals and businesses can pay via card or digital wallet

IRS Online Account

  • Must create or sign into your account

  • You can easily select what type of payment you want to make and what your balance is

  • Make same day payment from your bank account

  • Individuals only


  • Make payments from your bank account

  • yes, individuals and businesses allowed

  • enrollment required

  • You can schedule payments

  • View payment history and track current payment status

  • Receive help from custom service agents

Payment plans

If you cannot pay everything you owe all at once then you may need a payment plan. However, interest and fees still apply to what is unpaid and some plans may have fees.

Same day wire

  • Bank fees may apple

Check or money order

  • Make your check out to: United States Treasury

  • Double check where you are sending the check/money order


You can pay cash in person at one of the IRS' retail partners.

  • Fees

  • Limited amount you can pay

Also, you can't just show up at a store and try to pay. You must first fill out information online then they will email you a barcode. Then you take the barcode to the store and that will allow you to pay.

Electronic funds withdrawal

If you are e-filing your tax return then you will have the option to have funds withdrawn electronically. We encourage everyone to e-file their tax return because it's the most efficient method to submit your return. So it's very likely you'll be choosing this option to pay your taxes.

We hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any further questions.

This blog post is not a substitute for legal or financial advice and is not liable for any misinformation that may have been provided. This information has been provided by the IRS newsletter and website.



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