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Starting a Business? (start here)

If you're starting a business then there is already a ton of work on your plate. With this new business formation course you can walk in the door confused and leave with all your questions answered and your business set up (and in compliance legally/tax wise)

Why this will boost your business-

We aren't making any promises (sorry).

But in our experience, we've seen businesses start and operate for years before getting any advice about bookkeeping or taxes. This can lead to a huge mess.

Bookkeepers/accountants and tax preparers don't want to untangle your web of receipts, bank statements and half filled out forms.

It's so much simpler (and less expensive) to get things sorted out from the beginning.

  • Unpaid or late taxes can come with fees on top of the large tax bill that you've neglected to pay.

  • If you don't have the proper licensing you could run into trouble with the law and also have trouble getting things like grants.

  • Lastly, when you neglect your bookkeeping it's 1) more work to do taxes + may lose out on tax credits 2) hard to know the financial health of your business

Entrepreneurs (like you) often have knowledge about the thing(s) your small business are about like maybe knitting or rock climbing. But you often don't know about accounting and taxes. If the budget is tight, it's possible you haven't wanted to outsource it either.