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Tax Obligations Piling Up but Low on Funds? (here is an easy solution)

We work with Republic Bank to offer you a fee based product that will allow you to hire a professional tax accountant. You'll want to hear the details.

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So, you need some funds to get your tax return filed this year....

Here are two options for you!

1. Refund Transfer (RT)

Using an RT is convenient and can help you if you don't have the funds needed to pay for fees surrounding paying/preparing/ filing taxes.

You can have your taxes professionally prepared, pay tax preparation and other authorized fees and amounts with your refund money. You can pay the fees associated with your tax preparation and tax return filing without having to pay anything up front.

So is the RT free?

No, the refund transfer requires a small fee. The cost of the RT is $39.95 and a subsequent funding fee is $10.00. (Meaning you are charged $39.95 for your first funding and $10 for every additional funding). The RT fee may vary depending on the software company you are working with.

How long will this take?

Once the IRS pays your refund amount (normally less than 21 calendar days) then you will immediately be issued your refund with the fees deducted.

2. Easy Advance (EA) & Easy100

The Easy Advance (EA) and the EASY100 are loan products for taxpayers that are secured by the tax refund. The cost for the EA depends on which program option your office chooses during enrollment: Easy Advance Plus or Easy Advance Customer Pay.

  • Each EA program offers multiple loan amounts. You may choose the loan amount you want to apply for from the amounts for which your net refund qualifies. You could also be approved for an amount that is less than what you applied for. Once an Easy Advance application is received at Republic Bank, your tax return data, previous history with the transmitter and credit bureau will be evaluated to determine the likelihood of being funded by the IRS.

Upon receipt of a federal or state tax refund, the EA and EASY100 are repaid by deducting the amount of the loan and the Finance Charge (if any) from the refund. After repayment, the remainder of the refund is disbursed to the taxpayer by the same disbursement option as the Advance proceeds.

  • Easy100 is a $100 advance to you with no additional cost. This option is new. Easy100 is available through March 31st 2023.

You cannot apply for an EA or EASY100 if the tax return was prepared based on a pay stub. Tax offices found submitting Advances with a pay stub will be turned off from offering Advances and may be terminated from the Republic Bank program.

In conclusion

We want to help you get through tax season with as little worries as possible. If you don't have the funds to pay us (or another tax professional) to file your return- that's okay!

Getting a refund transfer or a loan is easier than you think. These options are convenient, safe and provide you with the services you need with no up front costs.


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