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IRS Security Updates (Coming Soon)

Identity theft is on the rise. That's why- starting January 2023, the IRS is rolling out their Identity Protection Pin Program. Here are the details:

What is the Identity Protection (IP) Pin Program?

IP Pin program is a new program (coming soon) where you set up a unique 6 digit pin which is used to verify your identity when you file your taxes. These extra measures are set up to protect you from thieves.

What do I need to know?

  • You must have either a social security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

  • The process is rigorous because they have to make sure of your identity to set up the pin

  • The pin lasts 1 year (needs to be renewed annually)

  • This is a voluntary program

  • Once set up the 6 digit pin must be included on your tax return- whether filed electronically or on paper

  • Never give out your 6 digit pin (the only exception is when you are working with a tax professional to file your return. Even then, only fill it in when you are ready to sign).

What do I need to do?

When the program rolls out (Jan 2023)- the easiest way to get a pin is through this page on the IRS website: GET AN IP PIN


Daily life is busy enough without the added fear of people taking advantage of you. By setting up protective measures- you can get on with your life.

We've published several posts about keeping yourself safe from thieves. You may see those below in the suggested blog post section.

Stay Safe!

This blog post is not a substitute for legal or financial advice and is not liable for any misinformation that may have been provided. This information has been provided by the IRS.



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