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Brand Story

We all have to start somewhere, R & I started from nothing.

Humble Beginnings

Linda Yarbrough started R & I Tax & Bookkeeping Service, Inc in 1994 in her Auburn home from nothing. The name R & I stands for Rebecca and Issac, the twins she wanted. Instead she got business twins: accounting and taxes.


She graduated from Tacoma Community College in 2014 and the University of Washington Tacoma in 2017.

Business Growth

She hired her first employees in 2017. Unfortunately she had to lay them off after tax season in 2020. But she was able to have all-year-round accountants on a part time basis.

Her favorite part of running the business is serving the community with accurate financial records so the businesses can succeed.

Challenges & Goals

The greatest challenge she faces is deadlines. Deadlines are always tight. During the pandemic it was especially difficult to meet all the demands of clients as everyone adjusted to the new normal.

R & I's business goals are to serve as many clients as we can to achieve financial excellence and keeping them in compliance at all times



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