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Top 10 Series: Why You Need an Accountant!

1. An Accountant Can Help Write Your Business Plan

Having a business plan is imperative to ensure success. An account can help you reach that point and bring out the best in your company!

2. Need Professional Advice on Your Comapny's Legal Structure?

Because there are so many different legal structures for business, you would need someone who can navigate those options with you. An accountant will have your back for this too!

3. Can Offer Support for you finances

It's completely fine if your accounting and financial knowledge is limited. Your accountant can handle this for you and save you the stress of having to learn all the intricacies yourself!

4. Focus On What You Need to Prioritize

As I mentioned above, your accountant has your back. When running a business, there are certain priorites you need to focus on as a business owner to maintain stability. Because of this, you will need to delegate any accoutiung related tasks guessed it right...your accountant!

5. Your Business is Booming

It's hard to predict when your business will experience rapid growth. You will need to prepare as best you can for this. Similar to reason number four, you will need an accountant to handle certain responsibilites so that you can focus on the growth of your company!

6. Possibility of a Franchise Opportunity

Would a franchise opportunity be worthwhile? An account could help you decide whether this is the right move for you and what potential profit and losses would come with building a franchise.

7. Even Before You Buy or Sell Your Business

To make sure the company’s accounts are in order and ready to go, you will need an accountant to help advise you on how to approach taking the big leap, whether it is buying or selling your business.

8. When you’re applying for a business loan or overdraft:

Accountants are experts at talking on your behalf and can help persuade the banks that a loan for you is good for them. Banks have started to be very careful about lending money to small businesses, but an accountant can help mitigate this concern.

9. You have to deal with the government

It can be really time consuming to fill out form after form for your taxes. An accountant can help take care of all of the tax paperwork that the government provides so that you stay on top of your compliance requirements.

10. In case you’re audited

Knock on wood, but as your business grows, there may be a time where you need to be audited, whch can be stressful and extremely costly. An accountant can offer you advice and help work with you to get out of the audit zone.


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