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The IRS is Backed Up! 10,000 New Workers Are Coming to Help

In the midst of tax season, there are many people around the country who may be awaiting their tax refund. Long waits have caused a wave of frustration for many who are in need of their refunds to fund a plethora of important expenses. The IRS is now aiming to mitigate this issue by hiring 10,000 new workers to help them catch up on all the tax forms that are coming in. How so? Well, the IRS seems to have a plan in place to expedite the hiring process.

Shifting to a more automated process when it comes to bringing in new workers is one of a few ways the IRS hopes to speed up the process. In this day and age, automation seems to be the way to go to help ensure speed and hopefully efficiency. There are also talks about bringing in contract workers to assist with paper processing and duties in the mailroom. This would be huge. However, a change like this cannot happen overnight.

According to ABC News, the IRS has noted that "the agency faces a backlog of around 20 million pieces of correspondence, which is more than 15 times as large as in a normal filing season." The size of the IRS workforce has stayed the same since the year 1970 which is one factor holding the IRS back from fulfilling tax duties in a timely matter.