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Tax Write-Offs: Do Travel Expenses Fall Under the Tax-Deductible Umbrella?

Definitely! If your business requires you to travel outside of the parameters of your usual place of business, the expense would qualify. According to the IRS, if you have an obligation "to be away from the general area of your tax home for a period substantially longer than an ordinary day's work, and you need to get sleep or rest to meet the demands of your work while away," you would fall under the umbrella of receiving a tax write-off for this business expense.

  • Percentage deductible: 100%

  • Eligibility: For a trip to qualify as business travel, it must be considered ordinary, necessary, and to a destination away from the taxpayer's resident state.

  • Example deductions:

  • Airplane, train, or bus ticket costs

  • Parking and toll fees

  • Taxis and other modes of transportation

  • Meals and lodging

  • Special considerations: Vacation expenses are exempt from a tax deduction. In the eyes of the IRS, a “vacation” is:

  • A trip where the majority of days away are not spent doing business.