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Mistakes Happen

Updated: May 19, 2023

Don't freak out, consider whether or not you need to file an amended return.

Should I file an amended tax return?

You've meticulously filled out and submitted your taxes. But there was still a mistake (or two) OH NO!

Don't freak out.

First-- what sort of mistake was it?

If it was...

A. a math error

B. you forgot to attach a form or schedule

Then you don't need to file an amended return. The IRS can fix simple math errors. And if they need a form from you, they will send a letter asking for it.

If it was...

If there was a change of:

  • Filing status

  • Income

  • Deductions

  • Credits

  • Tax liability

Then yes, you should file an amended return.

You can check whether you should re-file with this IRS tool: click here

How to file an amended return-

You will need to fill out a 1040X to amend your tax return.

Here is an IRS with answers to frequently asked questions: click here

Here is a link to the 1040X form: click here

The average for processing amended returns is 20 weeks. YIKES. You can use this IRS tool to check on your return: click here You may also call: 866-464-2050 after 3 weeks.

4 Things to keep in mind when amending a return-

1) make sure you label which year's tax return you are amending

2) If you're amending more than one tax return- you must file each amendment individually

3) If you're filing your amendment for an additional return- wait until you get your first return amount before filing again

4) Don't amend your return because of math errors, the IRS can fix those themselves

This blog post is not a substitute for legal or financial advice and is not liable for any misinformation that may have been provided. This information has been provided by the IRS.


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