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Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Scams

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The FDA has finally approved Pfizer's vaccine to combat COVID-19. The emergency distribution of this long-awaited vaccine could help end this pandemic and restore the world to a place at least somewhat close to our pre-pandemic days. The excitement for the vaccine is very much alive as well as the anxiety that comes along with it. Because of this, there are some out there who are aware of this and aim to take advantage.

Authorities are expecting a wave of scams offering the vaccine in exchange for money. This is a red flag as the vaccine is slated to be free under the CARES Act. In addition, do not send any money to a vaccine scam offering any special deals on the vaccine such as getting bumped to the top of the vaccination list, or receiving the shot at your door.

Due to the fact that so little is known about the vaccine, the lack of knowledge helps perpetuate the issue of people getting scammed. If you balance that with the public's desire to receive the vaccine, that's a combination for disaster. Please protect yourself until you hear word of the real vaccine


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